Italian Game Trailer Shows Who Pulls Gerard Butler's Strings

Poor Gerard Butler is doomed to serve the whims of his teenage controller as a real life video game character in the not too distant future. Check out the first leaked trailer from Game.

God spare me from Marilyn Manson's "Sweet Dreams" song being used in yet another trailer or soundtrack but, besides that, this little foreign clip has sparked my interest. The movie is set in the near future, where Gerard Butler is on Death Row. Somehow, he winds up in a human video game where he's controlled from afar. As you might expect, Butler eventually tires of being controlled and seeks his independence from the game's creator, Hall.


Apart from all of the terrible reviews we've been hearing from Game test screenings - Apparently bad guy Michael C. Hall is laughably bad in it - I have to say that the action here looks pretty tasty.

Game will be out in theaters September 4th.

[Via Trailer Addict]


CHUCK!! A.aaaa, saviour of the universe!

Mmmm, im holding reservations for this one. Other french flicks that have come out have been ok. And I dont mind some of Luc Bessons movies..Leon being the obvious choice, and District 13 was insane but fun!!! I will defo give it a watch, but cinema..i may have to see another trailer before I spend money on a ticket.

Oh and I agree, Manson should be shot to the sun in a rocket..that or he could be in this film as an expandable and very killable character..we can only dream!!