Itch-Free, Temperature-Regulating, Sex-Preventing Pajamas Created

Illustration for article titled Itch-Free, Temperature-Regulating, Sex-Preventing Pajamas Created

If pajamas get itchy when you wear them to bed, I have a great solution: sleep naked. If that's not an option for a self-hating person like yourself, some fancy new PJs have been developed that are totally "itch-free" and will even regulate your temperature. They're made from a fabric called Dermasilk, which is apparently really comfortable, and judging by the picture will make you look pretty ridiculous. They were developed for Travelodge, so next time you're staying at a really cheap hotel maybe you'll get a complimentary set of these things. [Telegraph via Spulch]


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Who wears itchy pajamas with a skintight hood? I'm gonna rob a bank with a pair of those and a hair dryer; gonna claim I'm a spacepirate from the future. I see no flaws in this plan.