It's a Video Game Movie Friday Gif Party!

Gif: Midway Games

Ahem, excuse me, cough, hrm—MORTAL KOMBAAATTTTTTTT!

This Friday gif party is in honor of the gloriously bloody trailer for Mortal Kombat. So, so bloody. A guy gets stabbed with his own frozen blood! Give it six Oscars and a MacArthur Genius Grant!


With that, share your favorite video game movie gifs. Do you want to preach the good word about Super Mario Bros.? Do it. Do you want to fill my notifications with Street Fighter? Oh, I dare you.

You can also post gifs of games you wish could be movies. I’ll start: Cool Spot. Hear me out on this. I’m envisioning a Josie and the Pussycats-style satire of consumerism wherein a sentient soda logo fights crabs. That’s it, that’s my pitch. Call me, Hollywood.

Gif: Virgin Games

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Where’s Chun-Li in Mortal Kombat?  :snicker: