iTunes Celebrates the Wrong Kind of Labor Day

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For Halloween, the iTunes storefront highlights scary movies. For Christmas, flicks about Santa Claus. For Valentine's Day, Valentine's Day. And for this Labor Day? Babies! Because hey, 'tis the season. For... pregnancy?


There are 24 movies in the Labor Day section of iTunes right now, all of which about making babies or having babies or finding out that your baby and/or its toys are demon-spawn. No sign of celebrating the working man, unless you count the director who had to corral Lindsay Lohan through Labor Pains in one piece. I'm guessing this is maybe because nobody has jobs anymore?

For those looking for a more conventionally topical movie this weekend, just go ahead and put the first 45 minutes of Office Space on loop. There's no better reminder that however bad your workplace seems, you're probably just being a big baby. [iTunes]

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I think this is a joke that went right over Mr. Barrett's head.... That being said, I was actually born on Labor Day... Also Didn't Oprah once say that being a mom is the hardest job in the world?