iTunes Now Offers Genius Recommendations For Movies and TV Shows

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Back is the initially touted then disabled feature of Genius recommendations for movies and TV shows in iTunes 8.1, iLounge is reporting. It only works for official videos purchased or rented in the iTunes store (or transferred from a Blu-ray disc's digital copy), and seems to vary country-by-country.


It's a further indication that lots of the Genius-related magic happens on the server, as the feature was re-introduced to iTunes without a local software update, according to the iLounge folks.

So, as you can see, I don't use iTunes to keep track of my movies, so Genius couldn't offer me any recommendations inside my library. And if you need something to suggest to you that you may be interested in the other Batman movies while you're watching Dark Knight, this is the tool for you. [iLounge]

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I've been unimpressed by Genius so far.

Pandora uses that "music DNA" that actually gets you songs that are similar to the song you're listening to.

Genius just uses stuff other people bought so you either end up (like in this example) with the other songs on the album or by the artist or if the song is 'popular' you just get a stream of other popular crap.

I think I've used it a total of three times. I got one maybe two songs through the recommendations. I mostly still end up listing to pandora and just getting stuff from there.