I'm not sure why I haven't been leading every recap with the wonderful episode art each week, but we'll just pretend I always have been. Anyway, "Furniture & Meat" was a pretty solid episode despite not having much to do with this season's story. It does, however, finally address that boatload of gold Finn and Jake have been hoarding since the series started. And Jake doesn't handle the wealth well.

It all starts with BMO and Neptr playing "Robbing Hood," being adorable and such. But in the middle of their play-fight, Neptr accidentally knocks the tree-house and causes it to crack. All Finn and Jake's gold spills out, making them finally realize exactly how much cash they have (also, the ancient, psychic, tandem war-elephant is there, from like, forever ago). BMO suggests they spend it somewhere, and Neptr points them in the direction of the Wildberry Kingdom. With a destination in mind, Jake transforms into a dump-truck and carts all the gold off (while also driving it/himself).

As soon as they get to town, they decide to post up in a fountain, which is all kinds of illegal. A guard comes up to tell them what's-what, but they bribe him with a few gold coins and a crown. This becomes the fateful moment where the two realize what they can get done with their money, starting Jake down a long road of corruption. And not long after buying a mess of furniture and meat, Jake starts getting bored of bribes and paying pedestrians to dance. He wants to get some real entertainment out of these people.

Cue the creepiness. Finn and Jake break into a couple's home as they're going to bed, making the couple think they're being robbed. Finn tries to reassure the berries that they're only there to give them money, but Jake ruins it by making weird demands of them. Most of them have to do with how they sleep, but his demands manage to come off really creepy. When they refuse, he offers them an alternative. They can have all the gold they can eat, which, for whatever reason, is more doable. Finn tries to just give them money, but they're so traumatized by Jake that they keep eating gold anyway.

After seeing how Jake has changed, Finn realizes that the money has to go. But instead of continuing to spend it, he tries to give it all away. Clad in his money bags, Finn goes to the poorest part of the kingdom and offers his gold to the hobos. They get violent, though, and Finn ends up with juice all over his face from the ordeal. I'm not sure why the homeless people had to get violent, but perhaps Adventure Time is trying to teach its viewers that giving money to the homeless is a bad idea. Who can say?

Jake comes across Finn, and after an awkward encounter the two decide they really do need to get rid of their money. But instead of giving it away, Jake has something more grand in mind. The two buy their way into the castle and Jake offers Wildberry Princess the rest of their money if she lets him sit on her head. Of course, he doesn't get her permission before just doing it, royally pissing her off. Calling the guards and confiscating their gold, WBP teaches Jake that power trumps money sometimes. Both him and Finn end up on the verge of execution, set to be ironically encased in their molten gold (Game of Thrones style).

That's when Robbing Hood shows up to save the day! Despite BMO not being the best shot in the world, everyone manages to escape without dying, ridding home to the safety of the tree-house on the back of a noble gummy-steed. As they leave, Wildberry Princess tells them never to come back (unless they write her an apology). At this point, it seems like no one really learns anything, though the money problem is resolved by Finn and Jake now having none. Finn does find a gold coin outside, but it falls down a hole in the floor and the episode ends.

Additional musing

  • The only musings from this week is my hope that the ancient, psychic, tandem war-elephant makes a more meaningful return.
  • I lied — I have another thought from this episode: why didn't anyone comment on Finn having his arm back? That's kind of a big deal, isn't it?