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Japan Gets Batman Bust With Batman Begins Blu-Ray Set

Illustration for article titled Japan Gets Batman Bust With Batman Begins Blu-Ray Set

On July 23, Japan will get their chance to own Batman Begins on Blu-ray—about two weeks after it's released in the US. But while our gift set edition comes with story boards, script pages and a $7.50 movie credit towars Dark Knight, our friends in the Land of the Rising Sun get a 25-cm-high bust. Where's MY bust, Warner Entertainment? Why can't I get a miniature rendition of Christian Bale's hooded face to stare at me stoically from my mantle? I may not be Japanese, but I like creepy stuff too! The regular Blu-Ray will be around $47, the gift set edition is about $180.[AV Watch]


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wild homes loves you but chooses darkness!

I get that Blu-Ray looks great and all, but even at thirty dollars they're really going to have to drop the prices by at least 30% if they're ever going to wrest market share away from DVD. I know full well how nice Blu looks and it still doesn't seem to have anything like enough value for me to be interested yet.