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Jennifer Lawrence Is Suddenly Very Interested in Doing More X-Men Movies

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Hey, remember when Jennifer Lawrence said X-Men: Apocalypse was going to be her last X-Men film? Well, not so much anymore. She’s now “dying to come back” for another X-flick, which should be good news for every fan of cinema’s best-loved, practically naked blue shapshifter.

I imagine either Fox pulled the proverbial (or literal) dumptruck full of cash to Lawrence’s Hollywood estate, or at the very least that they are in negotiations for said dumptruck; certainly Fox wants as many X-Men movies as possible, as well as for the incredibly popular actress to star in all of them. But my question, as always, is this: Where the hell does an X-Men franchise stuck in the past go next?


Could Bryan Singer get one more movie out of the current franchise? Would it be set in the ‘90s? Would, given the movie’s recent love of adapting key comic storylines, the story be about the X-Men’s biggest foe for that decade, Onslaught? Would, given Apocalypse’s acceptance of the comic costumes, look to the X-Men’s most iconic ‘90s Because I would do some horrible things to get this in live-action:


Okay, I’ve solved it. The next movie is X-Men: Onslaught and it’s going full ‘90s. I imagine Bryan Singer has already thought of all of this himself, but if he hasn’t, he’s welcome to the idea because it is awesome. Fox, please contact me and I’ll tell you where to deliver my dumptruck full of money.