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Joel Schumacher wanted Nic Cage to play the Scarecrow in his third Batman movie

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Sweet Batman on a Unicorn, how amazingly horrific would the third Schumacher Batman film have been? After the disaster that was Batman & Robin, Joel Schumacher wanted to hire Nic Cage to play the Scarecrow and bring back Jack Nicholson as the Joker, alongside Harley Quinn.

Before Batman & Robin was released, crushing the dreams of fans around the world, Warner Bros. was legitimately excited about the film, which was set to move lots of toys. Schumacher revealed in an interview with The Playlist that plans were already underway to make another Batman movie (that is until the actual movie came out and everything went straight to hell).

"I was supposed to do a fifth one," Schumacher says. "I was talking to Nic Cage about playing the Scarecrow. I had begged the studio for [the Frank Miller comic] ‘The Dark Knight [Returns],' but they wanted a family friendly, toyetic thing."


The idea was simple Cage would star as the big bad in this flick, using his fear toxins to trick Batman into think all of his old, long dead enemies were back to haunt him. Thus bringing back the still-under-contract Jack Nicholson. But wait there's a twist, of course The Joker couldn't be back. His widely seen death in Tim Burton's flick was way too popular to hit the re-do button. The real villain would be Harley Quinn, who would later be revealed as The Joker's daughter, looking for a little revenge on Batman for killing her father. The movie was called, Batman: Triumphant.

Sadly, we will probably never see a Nic Cage Scarecrow — unless the actor takes it upon himself to show up to Comic Con dressed like the lanky villain. But we can imagine what this manic actor would have conjured up for this crazy role. We'd like to think that Cage would channel a little Vampire's Kiss and a whole lotta Wicker Man for his take on The Scarecrow (and of course some excellent bird hair). See you in our nightmares, Scarecrow Cage!