Jony Ive Chats Lunchbox Design on a British Kids' TV Show

Jony Ive is the guy who probably designed the computer you're reading this on. And here he is on Blue Peter, a beloved British children's TV show, talking lunchbox redesigns. Awwwww.


Three delightful kids presented Ive with their own original designs for a new lunch container—which Ive says you shouldn't actually call a box at all, because that name puts some limitations on the thing. The moment is adorable. Jony Ive watched the show as a kid, and the clip reminds you that he's an actual person and a father, and not just an Apple robot who thinks up smartphone designs. And all the while, it reinforces the maxim that good design is very simple. [Quartz]



I've got news for you mactivists. Only ~7% of the computers being used on this planet are Macs. So please tell me again, who probably designed the computer I'm reading this on?