New Jurassic World Lego sets coming (YAY LEGO DINOSAURS!)

Illustration for article titled New emJurassic World/em Lego sets coming (YAY LEGO DINOSAURS!)

In an official press release, Universal has announced its partnership with Lego to create a line of toys to support the release of the Jurassic World movie in the summer of 2015. Which, you know, YAY LEGO DINOSAURS EVERYONE!

Very cool! Though the Jurassic franchise sort of fell on its face (though it still made a boat load of money) with Jurassic Park III, I have high hopes. They passed up 11 years of script ideas and finally arrived at this one, surely the story will be good. I'm just glad that we are going to get yet another minifig based on Chris Pratt.

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Lego needs to chill out with the releases. At this rate I'm going to end up broke.