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Just How Miraculous Could an Apple Tablet Be?

Illustration for article titled Just How Miraculous Could an Apple Tablet Be?

According to this tale by Fake Steve Jobs, the Apple tablet isn't just great—it actually cures lupus. In other words, Dr. House's entire diagnostic team is pretty much out of a job as of next week. [FakeSteve]


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Uhhh, my wife has lupus. I'm not that easily offended, but this is insane.

Lupus is an autoimmune disease that is not easy to live with. It is photoactive (triggered by sunlight,) can be acute or systemic, and can cause organ damage.

Lupus is never cured. If it was, my wife and I would be ecstatic. It is passed by genes, and can't be "caught." It's deadly. Definitely not something to joke about. That being said:

"I'm buying a tablet anyway, but hell, why not try to cure _my_ wife's lupus with it, too?!?!?"