Kaplan Introduces SAT Prep for iPod, High-School Kids Everywhere Groan

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That's right, kids! Now your iPod (5th Gen) can do more than just play the videos and music you probably stole off of the Internet, you no-contributin'-to-society bum. Now Kaplan is selling SAT test prep programs on iTunes, so you can sit in the corner with your fancy iPod—and learn some vocab, Mister!


It's not just text or audio: the $4.99 modules you download on iTunes are interactive, and focus on Critical Reading (sentence completion, reading comprehension), mathematics (algebra, geometry, arithmetic, etc.) and writing (how to improve sentences and paragraphs, sentence error identification).

The programs give you quizzes, which you can take timed or untimed, with or without music. Supporting features include explanation of the tests, Kaplan test-taking strategies, and analysis and feedback of the quiz you just took, whether you like it or not.

Press Release:

Kaplan Introduces Test Prep on iTunes Store‎

Students Can Download Hundreds of SAT* Questions to Prep Via the Fifth Generation iPod®**

NEW YORK, June 21, 2007 — Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions today announced the availability of three interactive SAT* prep programs that students can purchase and download from iTunes®, enabling them to practice for the college entrance exam on a fifth generation iPod**. Among the key features of the programs: students receive detailed analyses of each completed quiz they take, as well as feedback and an option for tracking quiz score progress. The $4.99 programs focus on the exam's three graded sections: Critical Reading, Mathematics and Writing.

"Students don't go anywhere without their iPods and Kaplan has always sought to make test prep as convenient as possible for our students so it's a natural fit to offer test prep on iTunes. As students have embraced new trends over the years, from new learning and entertainment channels to new technology, we've adapted our materials in ways that are relevant to their lifestyles," said Mark Ward, president, Pre-College Programs, Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions.

Kaplan's SAT test prep being offered reflects the three graded sections of the SAT (Critical Reading, Mathematics, Writing):

Kaplan SAT Prep Reading: Students consistently cite the critical reading section as the section they find the most challenging. Using this download, students can take quizzes in the following categories: sentence completion, short reading comprehension and long reading comprehension.

Kaplan SAT Prep Mathematics: On this download, students are quizzed on algebra, geometry, arithmetic, word problems and other types of math questions.

Kaplan SAT Prep Writing: First administered in March 2005, this is the newest section of the SAT; perhaps unsurprisingly, students scored lowest on this section in 2006. To help students build up their writing skills for the exam and beyond, this download features activities in improving paragraphs, improving sentences and identifying sentence errors.

Each download includes explanations on the exam structure, expert Kaplan strategies for the SAT, plus tips and information about the increasingly competitive college admissions process. Students also have the option to take the quizzes timed or untimed, with or without music, and can see their quiz score progress through graphically dynamic charts and graphs which identify their key areas of success and weakness.

The Kaplan SAT prep downloads are available on iTunes® beginning June 21.

Over 2 million students take the SAT every year; Kaplan prepares tens of thousands of students annually for the test. These latest supplemental SAT prep offerings come on the heels of Kaplan's recent debut of SAT/ACT Vocabulary-Building Manga, a series of graphic novels with hundreds of frequently tested words on the exams, as well as its launch on MySpace.com/kaplan.

*SAT is a registered trademark of the College Entrance Examination Board, which neither sponsors nor endorses this product

** iPod® is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc. All rights reserved

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It's funny when you see companies like Kaplan and all promoting silly materials that teens are never going to use. This is like the handheld that Princeton Review came out with. A few out-of-touch parents may buy it, but it doesn't help students. I'd keep my eyes on Prepme - their online program is getting a lot of traction and its run by college students I think? I just used their free diagnostic so far but will probably sign up when I convince my parents to pay.