Karen Gillan Promises There's a Reason Her Jumanji Character Is Dressed Like That

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After the first real image from Jumanji was released yesterday, we were understandably a bit confused by the various outfits on display. And, in the case of Karen Gillan’s half an outfit, a little bit nervous. Today, Gillan herself gives a clue as to why her character’s clothes are so small.

So the tiny shirt is the result of her being in “child-sized clothes.” That doesn’t actually explain why the shorts and boots fit, but okay, we’ll go with “movie logic” for that. As for the rest of it, the reasons range from “spell turned her from child into adult” to “needed clothing replacement, only kids’ clothes available.” another possibility, albeit slightly less likely, is that her character was trapped in the jungle as a child and had to make a suitcase full of small clothing last.


I actually really doubt the reason can be so good that putting the only girl in skimpy clothing will be “worth it,” but we can live in hope.

Gillan’s explanation echoes the vaguer one given by Dwayne Johnson in his posting of the photo on Instagram:


He hints that there’s a reason behind ALL of their absurd outfits, calling them “Our dope 90's vintage costumes.” Jack Black’s is less 1990s than it is 1930s, but okay. He also listed character names that are so absurd I’m kind of hoping they’re jokes he’s making. Or that they’re aliases of some kind:

  • “Moose Finbar” (Kevin Hart)
  • “Ruby Roundhouse” (Karen Gillan)
  • “Professor Shelly Oberon” (Jack Black)
  • “Dr. Smolder Bravestone” (Dwayne Johnson)

This Jumanji thing is not is not looking better the more we hear about it.