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The Aliens Strike Back in This Exclusive Kids vs. Aliens Clip

Hobo With a Shotgun and Dark Side of the Ring director Jason Eisener releases the 80s-fueled film on January 20.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Kids vs Aliens opens January 20.
Kids vs Aliens opens January 20.
Image: RLJE Films

With the new movie Kids vs. Aliens, you get exactly what the title delivers: a bunch of movie- and wrestling-obsessed kids forced to fight back when mysterious aliens land in their town and start killing people. And though movies with kids usually keep things kid-friendly, this movie does not. It’s hard R-rated, filled with language and violence—and it’s a whole lot of fun, which you can see here in an excellent new clip.

Co-written and directed by Jason Eisener (Hobo With a Shotgun, Dark Side of the Ring), Kids vs. Aliens hits theaters, on-demand, and digital on January 20. Below, io9 is excited to debut this exclusive clip from the middle of the film, where shit has really hit the fan and one of the humans has a little transformation. Check it out.

Vicious, Killer Aliens are Coming In the Delightful Kids vs. Aliens

So what’s going on here? Well, Kids vs. Aliens focuses on Gary (Dominic Mariche) who, along with his friends and sister Sam (Phoebe Rex), just wants to watch wrestling and make movies. That’s put in danger when a local kid named Billy (Calem MacDonald) tries to bring Sam into his friend group to throw an epic Halloween party, but Gary is having none of it. Oh, and aliens have landed and begin terrorizing the town.


The clip comes from after the party has gone a bit sideways and one of Billy’s friends, Dallas (Isaiah Fortune), gets transformed into something else: a killer, almost Wolverine-type creature played by Jonni Shreve.

I’ve seen Kids vs. Aliens twice (because, full disclosure, I’m friends with the director), so I won’t formally review it—but I will say I have thoroughly enjoyed it and fully endorse it. It’s filled with crass humor, exciting action, colorful cinematography, and a real propulsive pace. Heck, it’s 75 minutes long. Take that, Avatar 2! But if you’ve seen Eisener’s other films or his Vice TV shows, you can begin to understand how personal this movie is and how much fun it potentially can be.


Kids vs. Aliens hits theaters, on-demand, and digital on January 20. It’ll also premiere on Shudder at a later date.

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