Krypton Is Using Superman's Cape in a Very Strange Way

Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe) grasping his grandson’s cape in a poster for Krypton.
Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe) grasping his grandson’s cape in a poster for Krypton.
Image: Syfy

Syfy’s Superman prequel Krypton already has a bit of a loopy, time-travel premise—acting as both the history of the House of El before Krypton went kablammo and a timey-wimey story of how DC hero Adam Strange has been tasked with going to the past to secure Superman’s present. Apparently, Krypton is doing that by the way of... Back to the Future?


Posters for the series have shown the young version of Supes’ granddad Seg-El clutching the iconic red cape of Superman himself. But the cape is going to act in a much more important manner than just a reminder of the Man of Steel. In fact, according to a new promo for the series, this isn’t the cape before Clark was bundled in it and sent to Earth. It’s his actual cape.

Yes, Back to the Future style, Seg-El will have the cape given to him by Adam Strange, and if it fades from existence, that means Seg and Strange have failed in their new, shared mission to safeguard the timeline from threats trying to wipe out Superman in the future.

It’s both a grim reminder that Krypton will have to perish to ensure Kal-El’s legacy as the DC Universe’s finest hero, but also just a bit of a weird way to make his cape way more important to Krypton than it should be.

Krypton begins on Syfy March 21.

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“The Cape Vanishes” sounds like a Guided By Voices song.