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LAPD Orders Tasers That Activate Body Cameras When They're Used

Illustration for article titled LAPD Orders Tasers That Activate Body Cameras When Theyre Used

Today the LA Police Department announced that it had purchased 3,130 new Tasers that activate a body camera when they're being used. The camera is activated after the officer turns off the safety on the Taser. The "non-lethal" weapon communicates with the officer's body camera via bluetooth.


Equipping police officers with body cameras has been seen as a possible solution to the problems of police brutality that have become a part of the national conversation in recent months. In December, the Los Angeles Police announced that they would be putting hundreds of cameras on officers — a technological solution to a problem actually more often rooted in systemic racism, a history of inequality, and police overreach.

So the obvious question: Shouldn't the body cameras be turned on before the Taser is armed? How does the activation of a body camera mere moments before some is getting tased help investigators determine after the fact whether it was a justified use of force? It's almost as if putting body cameras on police officers isn't really about protecting common people against police brutality! Who would've dreamed such a thing! [Reuters]

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Matt... LAPD purchased 3,130 body cameras manufactured by Taser. The company taser makes stun guns. The Company Taser also makes a new Body Camera. They are separate products with very different uses.

The Taser AXON camera shown in the picture above can record continuously for up to 12 hours. (For one 12 hour shift per charge.) It records ALL OF THE TIME. The officer can turn it off when using the restroom... Otherwise it is required to be on. (According to LAPD.)

You can read more about it here:…

Matt... Perhaps you should actually contact someone from Taser or LAPD and ASK how it works before jumping to the wrong conclusions and posting inflammatory and misleading articles like this?