Illustration for article titled Laser Windshield System Keeps the Elderly Driving Longer For Some Reason

Which sounds like a better way to make the roads safer: rescind drivers licenses from people who are very old and have failing vision, or create a fancy system with lasers to allow them to keep driving. If you answered the latter, you're in the same camp as General Motors. They're hard at work on a fancy new windshield that uses lasers, infrared sensors and a camera to make it easier for your decrepit old granddad to see just where the hell he's going.


The system projects a laser on the windshield to highlight things that you should be noticing, like the edge of the road on a foggy day or that first grade class on the crosswalk. The system is still a long way off, thanks to the many elements that would need to be put in place. For example, a mechanism would need to track your head and eyes to make sure the lasers were properly placed.

But hey, it'll be easier than prying the licenses out of the stubborn hands of people who are no longer fit to command a dangerous vehicle, right? [CNN]


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