Last Minute Apple Leaks on New iPod Nano, Shuffle, Classic and Touch?

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AppleInsider claims to have two independent sources confirming identical information about upcoming Apple iPod refreshes. The biggest overhaul appears to be on the iPod nano, which would explain all of the rumors we've seen on the device. It will come in nine colors and be the first non-touch iPod to support a motion/orientation sensor.Shaking the player activates Shuffle Mode and tilting allows scanning of Cover Flow when the nano is held in landscape. The nano's storage will jump to 8GB and 16GB. Not a lot of information on the iPod classic and iPod shuffle. The classic is said to come in two colors (probably white silver and black) with the shuffle available in five colors. The iPod touch will have no color choices and retain the same storage options of 8, 16 and 32GB. Oh, and the last juicy tidbit from the rumors: The new iPods are supposed to be available at Apple stores today. [AppleInsider]

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what if, with subscription services, they begin tracking plays per song? the software shouldn't be that hard to do, as itunes tracks # of times a track is played, then the artists get paid on a per use basis, this would still provide the more popular artists larger slices of the pie while their songs are big, and the revenue would slow down as their click to plays slowed down. I'm also wondering if, as wildtangent (I think that's the company name) is doing with their Orb game service, music became ad-supported in your next iPod? while songs played, banners were shown on screen? this would be an additional revenue stream for the industry...while keeping cost down to consumers. Just random thoughts, feel free to correct me if there are obvious problems with either of these, just throwing it out there...