Last Night's Flash May Have Had The Best Epilogue Of The Year

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Calling "Crazy For You" a let-down after last week's episode isn't exactly accurate. It was less revelatory, but it gave Barry and the others a chance to rest, explore the mystery of Ronnie the Flammable Hobo, sing drunken karaoke, and had an ending scene so amazing I cackled out loud.


Which is a roundabout way of saying that "Crazy For You" might not be an outstanding episode of The Flash, but it's very good. Our Freak-o'-the-Week is Shawna Baez, a.k.a. Peek-a-boo, who can teleport anywhere in her line of sight. She uses her new power to free her boyfriend from jail (she uses a telescope for those hard to reach places — and then rob a few armored cars, so her boyfriend can pay off the gangster he owes before they skip town.

It's pretty standard procedure for Flash and the SuperSTARS, so they're mostly left to their own devices. Cisco frees Hartley in order to find out what happened to Ronnie, which goes exactly like you'd expect, but which I'll get into in a minute. Barry and Caitlin, realizing they're both pining over people who want nothing to do with them, decide they need to go out on the town, which they masquerade as recon to one of the bars Shawna and her boyfriend used to visit. Caitlin gets hellaciously drunk, Barry gets the phone number of one Linda Park despite his best efforts to have no comprehension of when a girl is into him, and Caitlin forces Barry to sing karaoke, where she discovers that Grant Gustin used to star on Glee.

As for Cisco and Hartley, well, of course you'd assume that the Pied Piper would reveal some stuff about Ronnie Raymond just to keep that plot moving along, but he's also tricking Cisco into letting him out so he can escape. The Flash subverts this by having this happen exactly, but when Hartley tries to make his escape, Cisco actually fights him, and it's actually staged pretty well. Cisco gets some good hits in! And even when Hartley best him, Cisco reveals he's planned for this anyways — the cliffs he put on the Piper emit a noise that's so painful Hartley can't move. Of course, then Hartley reveals another fact about Ronnie — namely that he somehow merged with Dr. Martin Stein during the accident — and manages to trick Cisco and get away anyways, but hey, at least it wasn't completely obvious. And now we and the characters know that Martin Stein and Ronnie Raymond have combined into one person, which possibly explains why he's so grumpy.

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A few other things happen — Barry's dad, being in prison, gets some info to help Joe track down the gangster and gets himself stabbed; this is mostly an excuse so that Barry and his dad can have a heart to heart where John Wesley Shipp clearly knows his son is the Flash, and gives a super-schmaltzy speech that would godawful if Shipp didn't just sell the hell out of it. Iris worries she's about to get fired for not writing any articles, and the Flash mysterious shows up with a scoop on the missing prison escapee. Barry and Peeka-Poo end up fighting in one of the show's least inspired fight scenes , although Barry does end up beating her in a clever way — he knocks out all the lights in the tunnel she's fleeing through, so she can't see anywhere else to teleport.

But that's okay. You know why? Because the final scene of this episode was somehow better than the Wells' moments we've been getting. Two electricians enter the sewers to check out some kind of problem where they discover three things in short order: 1) someone has written "GRODD" all over the walls, 2) there's a very large ape down there, and 3) it's not in a good mood. Yes, Gorilla Goddamn Grodd, the evil ape character to end all evil apes, has made his first real appearance on The Flash and all signs point to there actually being an episode where Barry has to fight a hyper-intelligent gorilla who can very possibly talk.


I can say, without fear of hyperbole, that this will be the greatest hour of television ever created by mankind. If the lackluster fight from last night's episode was because the Flash showrunners needed to allocate more money to the episode where the man with super-speed fights the genius gorilla who wants to take over the world, THIS IS A PRICE I'M WILLING TO PAY. However, it appears next week is going to be the big Firestorm episode, so Grodd will have to wait a bit. That's fine! I can wait. No problem.

/taps fingers impatiently

Assorted Musings:


• Although the final fight scene was lame, there's a scene where Peek-a-boo's boyfriend shoots the Flash in the neck, and Barry only notices it when it hits his neck but then uses his super-speed to grab it before it pierces his flesh. It's pretty goddamned awesome.

• I was really warming to Caitlin (no pun intended) until she turned into an infantile drunk — an infantile drunk that basically said to Barry, "You've saved a lot of people, so it's okay if you looked at my vagina." So weird.


• So that song at the beginning, when Peek-a-boo is breaking into prison… that was about oral sex, right?

• In the comics, Linda Park is the girlfriend of the second modern Flash, Wally West. I have no idea if or when Wally West will be added to the show — knowing the showrunners as we do, I'm guessing it's a "when" — but this should be pleasantly awkward if they try to keep that relationship.


According to EW, there's going to be a straight-up time travel episode, where Barry learns he can run into the past and the future. I'm excited, but I wonder how the show is going to manage it so that it doesn't break the series. I also wonder if the show can keep from overusing the time-travel aspect, or overcomplicating things. Hmm…




I love this show because it's fun. We have fun. Cisco has fun. Barry has fun. It's fun. I also love this show because somehow, someway, it gets me in the feels whenever Barry and his Dad are together. I don't know how, but this show has made me care about getting Barry's dad out of prison, when he could have been a minor character and plot point at best. Not only is the show fun, but it's deep, too. You can see the sadness Barry has knowing his Dad is in jail for something he didn't do, and that he can't get him out yet. You can see how desperate Barry's Dad is to help and feel useful, even going so far as to get himself shanked.

Snitches get stitches is apparently true in Central City.

1. Seeing Flash use his powers to vibrate the door off was COOL. He's starting to use his powers in ways he never imagined a month ago. It's not all about running fast, it's about anticipating and thinking outside the box (and if you can't get outside the box, FIBRATE YOURSELF THROUGH IT, SON!)

2. It's ALSO cool to see Flash's powers develop over time. At first he was just running and getting faster. Now? He caught a bullet behind his back just as it was digging into his skin. Dude. By the end of the season, we're going to see his New 52 Comic version – where he subconsciously vibrates himself allowing a bullet to pass through him with minor injuries. He didn't even see the bullet coming (in the comics – here, he saw Peekaboo [Nice, Caitlin, nice.] look behind him, and realized just in time) and his body reacted. We're not there yet, but it's coming.

3. Cisco. Stop. My sides. "How can you speak six languages and sound like a dick in all of them?" was the best line of the show last night, hands down. Runner up: "Remember how you told me to stop looking into it? Well I didn't stop looking into it."

4. Speaking of Cisco, he is acting like Skye to Pied Piper's Ward (Agents of Shield). DO. NOT. LET. HIM. OUT. OF. THE. CAGE. Rookie move, Cisco. It was cool to see Cisco have a plan in case he tried to escape, but as soon as he asked to take off the hand cuffs, I KNEW he would be gone by the end of the episode. Rookie move.

5. Speaking of Peekaboo, the way they visualized her powers was pretty cool. Story wise, it was a neat change from other similar interpretations of that power (Marvel, Heroes, Jumper, etc.) in that whenever she used it, she left some biological material behind, allowing Barry to trace her "steps." I liked how quickly she disabled the cameras (and how fast she moved), and her fights with Flash were good.

6. One good thing about this show is how none of the characters (Save for Iris because she can't even and Wells because he's evil-ish-maybe?-we'll-see) withhold information. Cisco IMMEDIATELY told everyone Pied Piper said he knew about Ronnie. When Pied Piper got out, he IMMEDIATELY owned up to it. Hell, he even told Caitlin about Fire-Casper Ronnie, and how he is now one with Dr. Stein.

Question: Pied Piper showed Cisco Stein's bomb shadow, which was outside. But then the video footage showed Stein being engulfed by Fire-Casper Ronnie while inside. What gives?

7. That Karaoke session was unfair for Caitlin. Barry was on Glee for crying out loud. Of COURSE he has some pipes.

8. Speaking of their date night, Flash totally saw the goods, right? Even if it was unintentional, he was moving too fast not to (even if his perception shows everything slower around him, that means he got an extended look). He's just too damn gentlemanly to admit it, but he totes saw the goods. Here's the triangle the show is setting up: Iris (who is jealous of SPORTS getting her friend) Barry (who wants to be over Iris but also find someone) and Caitlin (who thinks Barry deserves a peek and wants to get over Ronnie). The way she looked at Barry after the hangover. Calling it.

9. SPEAKING SPEAKING of date night, What did SPORTS put onto Barry's phone? Sure she was flirting and showed him this new app that lets you NFC another phone contact info, but NFC technology means a two way connection. What did her phone ALSO put on Barry's phone, and what did it take off? She's up to something.

10. They moved fast with having Barry "help" Iris' career by having Flash use her as his exclusive reporter. Last week I figured they would get there, but I didn't think it would happen so fast (PUNS, I love them). Also, Iris is quick with that camera phone. That was a pretty good picture for an iPhone 5 (at best).

11. GROOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12. I already said this show nailed the relationship between Barry and his Locked Up Dad. Another thing: His Dad is smart, and pegged Barry as Flash in no time. That speech at the end about what he would say "if" Flash was his son. DUDE.