"Do you have any idea how much fun we can have with this thing? We can spy on EVERYONE," declared Cartman on last night's episode of South Park. This week's show took on the problems with drones. One of which being they are so totally creepy.

You can watch the full episode right here on the South Park site. The basic premise is this: the boys get ahold of Butters' dad's drone, and as they're using it to spy on Craig, they catch his mom undressing. Hilarity ensues, and everything gets blown completely out of proportion.


It gets so much right about what's so weird about our brave new drone world. One, anyone can buy one off Amazon for like two hundred bucks. Two, there are very few rules (beyond basic propriety) about what you can and cannot do with a drone. And you can really invade on someone's privacy with them. Here's a choice quote from Cartman: "Butters, we live in a world where privacy is gone, okay? You can get on the Internet right now and look at that chick from Hunger Games' butthole." The thing is, he's not wrong. [South Park Studios]