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TiVo HD is pretty awesome, but there's still a nagging issue of lag, particularly when doing more complicated things like changing Season Pass priorities. Our source at TiVo tells us that the latest firmware update, 9.3, has seriously juiced the system in terms of response time. Compared to the last significant upgrade, 9.1, here's a list of common features and how much they've been sped up:


Live TV to Tivo Central - around 1 sec faster
Now Playing Scrolling - around 1 sec faster
Channel Change Up - around 1 sec faster
Confirm recording-> Confirm - around 3-5 sec faster
Create Season Pass - around 5-10 sec faster
Season Pass Manager - Priority - around 30 sec faster

The upgrade will roll out nationwide in the weeks to come, but soon you'll be able to get on a priority update list (you know, for people who pay attention to this kind of thing) on Check back here later today, cuz we're trying to get the direct URL for you. [TiVo]

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