LEAK: Comcast's Mobile Store Is Actually Quite Promising

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Earlier today, we published the article Comcast's Video Download Store Is Wholly Unremarkable about Comcast's expansion of Fancast, a place to download movies a la Amazon Unbox. Then a reliable tipster filled us in on where Fancast is going—specifically, in the mobile market. And we have to say, it's caught our attention.Fancast is essentially Comcast's way to expand into other areas of the entertainment sector without building on their cable monopoly. So their coming mobile app (working on Sprint phones for certain) includes partnerships with various media companies that may surprise you as part of a large media portal conglomerate. Sure, Fancast supports basic Comcast services. You can watch an unspecified amount of live programming on your phone streamed at what we've been told is near perfect quality (on a small screen). You can schedule recordings to your DVR and, maybe in later releases of the software, even stream these recordings to your phone a la Sling Box. You can rate movies and buy tickets on Fandango. And if other deals work out, you'll also be able to schedule recordings to your TiVo and add movies to your Netflix queue. Apparently the software is more than ready to go. Comcast is just finishing negotiations with various partners. So whenever those negotiations finish, that's when you'll get Fancast mobile.



Ok, so what about the bandwidth caps? Comcast is so contradictory to itself that my head just exploded.