Leaked Manual Reveals More Details on Sony's Smartphone Lens Cameras

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It looks like SonyAlphaRumors has managed to get its hands on what it believes to be a few leaked pages of the manual for Sony's rumored all-in-one lens cameras, designed to work alongside a smartphone. And they look even more promising than before.


It was previously assumed that all of the manual controls for the DSC-QX10 and the DSC-QX100 would be handed off to the accompanying smartphone's touchscreen display, but it turns out both cameras will have zoom levers, shutter buttons, and on the QX-100, a ring control as well. They'll also also have a built-in rudimentary display for monitoring battery level and remaining SD card capacity, as well as tripod mounts, power buttons, microphones, and of course a multi-function access port.

The leaked manual also seems to support the rumor that the DSC-QX100 will share the RX1ooMII's one-inch 20 megapixel sensor, while the DSC-QX10 will sport the same 1/2.3-inch 18 megapixel sensor as the Sony WX150. SonyAlphaRumors also believes both cameras will be officially unveiled at a Sony event on September 4th, and if true, it could mean availability in the coming months. [SonyAlphaRumors via Ubergizmo]

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Does this mean you could snap photos with the lens by itself, without connecting it to the camera? Could be an interesting form of stealth photography.