Lego Batman's New Sidekick: A Literal Lego Robin

Holy Erithacus rubecula, Batman! This is just too damn cute. Flickr User CakeInMilk has given Lego Batman - complete with 60's style Lego Batmobile - a new partner in crime: An adorable Robin that looks like... err, Robin!

CakeInMilk used design of the Robin featured in the the recently released Lego Ideas set 'Birds', designed by Thomas Paulsom as the basis for his Robin-Robin design, changing up the colours and adding a few tweaks to create this cutesy version of the Boy Wonder. Here's what the original model looked like:


Most impressive. It's kind of ingenious to use tweak an official Lego set this way - surely there has to be a Lego Bat out there that can be tweaked into the Caped crusader? Get to it, CakeInMilk, give us the literal Lego Batman and Robin!

[Flickr via Mighty Mega]

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