Batman Utility Belt

NECA Tim Burton’s Batman Utility Belt Prop Replica Bundle

Given DC’s track record, it doesn’t seem likely that The Flash will be a spectacular piece of filmmaking when it hits theaters in June, but that’s okay, because all we really care about is seeing the return of Michael Keaton’s Batman... and the return of Batman merchandise. If you head to NECA’s online store, you can pre-order this replica of Batman’s Keaton-era utility belt for $135, which comes with a surprising number of accessories for the price. In addition to the belt, you get a seven-inch folding Batarang, swappable face plates revealing Batman’s crime-fighting tools, and eight cartridges: a torch, laser, scanner, micro camera, re-breather, gas pellets, and smoke bombs, four of which can be carried on the belt. Other accessories, including the Batarang and a grapnel launcher (sold separately) attach to the front of the belt using strong magnets.


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PlayMonster Koosh Cameos The Mandalorian and Grogu

Yet another incredibly popular fad item from the ‘80s is back again, with the Koosh ball returning to help promote Disney’s The Mandalorian. If you didn’t experience Koosh the first time around, they were balls made from thousands of elastic rubber filaments sticking out in all directions from a solid core, and were inexplicably satisfying to hold and play with. They were eventually given arms, legs, and faces, and turned into little figures called Koosh Kins, which is what inspired these new Koosh Cameos toys, turning the balls into what appear to be hirsute versions of Mando and Grogu. Both are available now for $15 each.


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