LG X110 Feels Solid, Fast, Is Netbook with Capital N

I groped and used the LG X110 netbook for some time here at IFA. As Mark pointed out, this is the first netbook where "net" actually means something else: direct 3G network access without additions. The Good: The LG X110 felt solid and compact in my hands, heavier than I expected for such size. Good hard plastic finish outside. Fast operation under Windows and fast rendering and access to the web, although unfortunately I was only able to try it with the Wi-Fi connection. Good set of ports, although I wish all these computers implemented HDMI video output, rather than VGA. The Bad: I was disappointed the interior wasn't real aluminum but painted plastic. The keyboard didn't feel good to me, too bland and not enough clickety-clack action, but that's just my personal taste. Bottom line: For those looking for a good Windows- or Linux-based netbook with no-fuss internet access at all times, my first impression is that they will be happy with this one.



Oh and Jesus why on earth should netbooks have HDMI outputs ?

Every monitor in my home and office have VGA connectors.