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The LG Xnote TX is reed-thin and weighs just 2.4 pounds, but still finds room for a 1.3 GHz Pentium-M ULV 773, a 60-gig hard drive and a gigabyte of RAM. You won't be playing a lot of rip-roaring games with its GForce Go7300 64MB graphics card, but that 64MB will be a gracious plenty for those road-warrior PowerPoint presentations. Its 12.1-inch screen will fit quite nicely between you and that airplane seat reclining into your lap, too. We've used notebooks this size before, and we're here to tell you, this is a perfect blend of size and performance for those on the go. No release date or price were announced. Now that's one stylin and impossibly-thin notebook.

LG Xnote TX, the 1.1kg ultra [Akihabara News]


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