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Libya's DIY Arsenal Reaches Bizarre New Heights with Truck/Helicopter Hybrid

They've put missiles on the back of a pickup truck. They've put a tank cannon on the top of a car. But perhaps the most ingeniously over the top welded-weapon? Strapping captured, Soviet-built helicopter rocket pods to the car's roof.


Once again, we see that a lack of new, reliable weaponry is bringing out an amazing kindergarten creativity in Libya's freedom fighters, combining weapons (effectively!) in ways nobody would have ever imagined. I eagerly await an ICBM zip-tied to a Vespa. [via Danger Room]

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Forget dogs, Zip Ties are man's best friend. Raise your hand if you've ever effectively and permanently fixed something on your car and/or house with Zip Ties.

*hand up*

I had zip ties holding the bug juice reservoir in my Civic to get it out of the way of my DIY Cold Air Intake which, unsurprisingly, incorporated several zip ties in its design. I'm sure I could attach a gatling gun to a vehicle with enough Zip ties.