Living in a human zoo on an alien planet is as crazy as it sounds

[Note: This short film has been taken down by specific request of its author and has been disqualified from our film festival. Sorry for the inconvenient.]


That powerful un-motivating slacker voice inside me thinks that living in a human zoo ruled by aliens wouldn’t be so bad. You don’t have to worry about work, housing, cleaning, food, or even sex. But then you realize how pointless an existence that is. Can you imagine being made to dress up as some old Vicomte de Valmont with the only thing to look forward to in the day is a lunch made out of pills?

Kepler X-47—not to be confused with the planet Kepler 22b—is a short film directed by Erin Li. It tells the struggles of a young woman caged in a human zoo on an alien planet. She has to decide between a confortable life in the zoo or an unknown future somewhere else.

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The story is interesting, but the execution could be better. Part of my problem with this film is that it lacks much that resonates with my experiences with our zoos. Have we ever stuck a tiger with a fake tiger cub to take care of? When have we ever asked a tiger to not obstruct the view of visitors so they may enjoy the exhibit? At the threat of withholding “privaleges”. Heck, my experience with tigers in zoos is that I’ve almost never see them because they are giant cats and thus are sleeping in that damn cave 18 hours a day.

I mean, zoos (or at least the zoos I’ve been to and supported) are there for preservation and research. The staff are always concerned about the animal’s physical and mental health. They do everything they can to make sure these animals are physically and mentally stimulated. And the fact that these aliens are able to communicate clearly with the humans just furthers the problem. I mean, Koko the gorrilla alone has raised some very interesting ethical questions about these creatures and changed the face of animal research dramatically.

If this was meant to show who “alien” the situation is, it almost feels like it’s too much so.