MacBook Pro a Lemon?

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Is there something rotten in Cupertino? After hearing rumblings of problems with MacBook Pros, now David Ciccone of Mobility Today tells us about his nightmarish series of issues with the MacBook Pro he bought back in March of this year.

The problems started soon after the purchase, where Ciccone noticed whining noises emanating from his laptop, accompanied by extremely hot temperatures. Two unsuccessful repair attempts later, Apple replaced the MacBook with a new unit. Bringing that home, Ciccone noticed there was still a whining noise but used a plug-in to make that go away, only to find three weeks later there was a loud mooing noise coming out of the machine. Then the MagSafe connector began fraying from the heat, and at about the same time Apple recalled the unit's defective battery. Next he noticed severe warping in the battery slot area, causing the battery to wiggle. Now he's getting some sort of flaking problem.


At the end of his rope, Ciccone called Apple Executive Relations, asking for either a new MacBook Pro or a refund. The response: "It's to our discretion if we want to replace it and this is not an option for you." Now he's taken matters to the top, writing an open letter to Apple CEO Steve Jobs. Six different service issues on two different MacBook pros? Something's fishy here. Is Ciccone alone? Is everyone having these types of problems? What's happening here?

A Letter to Steve Jobs [Mobility Today]

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