Mad Max Director George Miller Rumored to Be Up For Man Of Steel 2

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“I want to see that again” was probably your first thought after watching Mad Max: Fury Road. The second may have been “I wonder what director George Miller is doing next.” He hasn’t decided yet, but he’s currently talking to DC movie people about potentially doing the second Man of Steel.


This is a rumor at this point, but it has a few sources and a basis in reality. Before superhero movies were the biggest thing ever, Miller was this close to directing a Justice League movie in 2007, which would’ve starred Armie Hammer as Batman and D. J. Cotrona as Superman. You can see some concept art from that movie here. So we know he loves the world. He’s also coming off the massive hit of Mad Max, and probably has his choice of films he wants to do.

So what’s this new rumor? It’s that Miller is going to direct Man of Steel 2, which would be a Superman-centric film set after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (which originally was Man of Steel 2, but no longer is.) The direct Man of Steel sequel is not a film that’s on Warner Bros.’s DC movie schedule through 2020, but neither is Ben Affleck’s The Batman solo film, which is in development.

The new rumor comes from Jon Schnepp, the director of The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened? He, reportedly, heard it from Umberto Gonzalez at Heroic Hollywood, who says Miller visited the set of Suicide Squad to talk about the film with producers and that the biggest issue is over the studio’s budget and what Miller might want.

I think I speak for all the fans here with these two sentiments: 1. George Miller doing any DC film, Superman included, would be awesome. 2. He should only do it if he really wants to, because what he wants to do is the right decision.

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You know, Superman as a character bores me. I’m not sure why. I’ve only ever seen the movies (Reeve to present), though, so maybe I should delve into the comics?