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Magic Aquatic Garden Turns Fish Crap Into Plant Food

Perfect for anyone who finds captive fish therapeutic but hates to clean their tank, a Japanese company has created this aquaponics system that connects a small vegetable garden to an aquarium filled with fish to recycle their poop.


Besides providing a constant supply of H2O to the plants—perfect for people who forget to water—bacteria is used to decompose the fish waste and turn it into organic fertilizer for the vegetation. It doesn't mean the tank never has to be cleaned, but it should be infrequent enough even for lazy aquarium enthusiasts. A bright overhead lamp presumably provides enough light for the plants to flourish indoors, and custom-made versions of this setup will be available starting at around $3,800. Expensive, yes, but just think of all the money you'll be saving by avoiding the over-priced produce section at your supermarket. [DigInfo TV]

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All those fish in that small tank can't be healthy...