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According to his YouTube video, the Pinkertons allegedly asked oldschoolmtg to turn over the “stolen product”—which is, in this case, Magic cards. They collected the cards, the boxes they came in, and even foil that the booster sets are wrapped in. He stated that the agents counted the cards to make sure they retrieved all of them. In the video, oldschoolmtg said that the agents also mentioned “jail time” while they were speaking to him and his wife. The agents gave oldschoolmtg a name and number at Wizards of the Coast, allegedly told him to delete the videos he posted onto YouTube, and left.


Oldschoolmtg thinks he knows how the mix up happened—and says that he believes it’s a complete accident he received these cards ahead of time. He said that he purchased the booster boxes from a friend of his who is “not really a Magic player” and is much more invested in other Trading Card Games (TCGs) like Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokémon. Because the earlier set of cards was titled March of Machine and was released on April 21, oldschoolmtg suspects that his supplier simply didn’t realize that the cards he was selling (titled March of the Machine: The Aftermath) was a different, unreleased set.

When he got on the phone with the Wizards of the Coast representative, oldschoolmtg says that the man was “apologetic” and they needed all the product back in order to “plug the hole.” He describes the interaction as “nice and laid back,” and it appears as if Wizards of the Coast was “apologetic” about sending literal Pinkerton agents to his house.

When asked for a comment, Wizards of the Coast confirmed that the video, its allegations, and the alleged Pinkerton agents were a “part of their investigation.” When asked for clarification, the company said it had no additional details to share, and did not deny the hiring of Pinkerton to aid in the product retrieval. io9 has reached out to oldschoolmtg for comment.

In the wake of a tumultuous year for fandoms of properties under the Wizards of the Coast’s banner—including the infamous Dungeons & Dragons OGL fiasco in early January—this is not a great look for the company. Instead of handling this discretely, it likely hired the most infamous rent-a-cops in the United States to raid the house of a man who runs an Magic appreciation channel on YouTube with less than 4,000 subscribers.


We will update this story as we learn new information.

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