Make Your Gingerbread People Dance With These Posable Cookie Cutters

Your average gingerbread cookie ends up looking a lot like da Vinci's Vitruvian Man with its limbs splayed out in every direction. But with this modular cookie cutter in your kitchen repertoire, you can create gingerbread cookies that are a little more lifelike and active.

The $20 set comes with a standard torso and twelve interchangeable arms and legs that let you bake up gingerbread cookies posed as disco dancers, ballerinas, athletes, or even karate masters. The set requires a bit of imagination to visualize a pose before the cookie goes into the oven, and then some decent frosting skills so that others can recognize your vision. But thankfully it's impossible to fail when you can eat the results—no matter how confusing they look. [IWOOT via holycool]


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