Make Your iPhone an iOS/WP7 Love Child

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Oh, hey, look another Windows Phone 7 handset, looks pretty norm—wait what? That's running on an iPod, you say? Well, yes. And this cunning mimic can run on your jailbroken iOS device as well.

Called OS7 (I assume the other option was WPOS, which doesn't have quite the same verve), Wyndwarrior's WP7 iOS theme is currently in public beta. Here's how you get in on the action:

1. Install Backboard from Cydia.
2. Make sure you have created a "Default" backup, if not, press the add button in Backboard and give it a name.
3. Go on your device and click on this link:
4. Press "Yes" and wait for it to download. This may take a few minutes depending on your internet connection.
5. Select OS7 from Backboard. Press Install. Respring.


Price is still TBD, and you may want to wait for the fully baked theme instead of running out and beta testing. No word on when the finalized version will be available, or what it will cost. But it's almost definitely going to be cheaper than, say, the Samsung Focus. [modmyi via Engadget]