Man Changed His Name to VoteForEddie.Com, to Gain Campaign Attention

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After election officials informed him that nicknames could not be printed on the ballot, Eddie Gonzalez, a Floridian independent candidate running for a congressional seat in the running for a seat in the 25th Congressional District—which includes parts of Broward, Collier and Miami-Dade counties—legally changed his name to VoteForEddie.Com.

The Daily Mail reports that the candidate formerly known as Mr. Gonzalez, who is running on an anti- oil-dependance platform, took the unusual step of changing his name in an effort to draw attention to his campaign, because he will not be receiving any financial support from political parties or sponsors.

"Now is the time for 'New Energy, New Ideas'—VoteForEddie.Com" concludes his campaign video. Now is also the time, it seems, for new levels of crazy campaign gimmickery to be reached.


Would you vote for VoteForEddie.Com? Why, or why not? [DailyMail]