Man Delivers Baby Using Guide Found on Google

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Many men might watch helplessly as their wives are about to give birth, but not Leroy Smith. As soon as Smith realized that the midwife wouldn't arrive on time, he calmly did a Google search on his BlackBerry.


I don't know what Smith's Google query of choice was, but in the end it led him to a WikiHow guide on child delivery. And it must've either been one rather good guide or the Smiths were simply very fortunate, because their baby daughter was born without a hitch. The midwife arrived just as it was time to clamp and cut the umbilical cord, but otherwise Smith managed to get his wife through the delivery by himself.

I'm glad that this tale ended with everyone happy, healthy, and Smith's wife announcing that she'll never complain about his BlackBerry addiction again, but it makes me wonder about what happened to the days when people managed to deliver babies without cellphones and Google. [Sun via Slashdot]



babies have been birthed for thousands of years before Google. Heck even before hospitals! is making us dumb