This IS301 dock system from Marantz looks pretty swish, particularly as the dock part can be rotated for wall-mounting, but it's a little confusing. It adds Bluetooth remote streaming to your hi-fi, which is nice, can charge iPods (including touch, but not iPhone) when it's powered up, and it allows for direct control of Marantz receivers, but what's up with the S-video out on the base station?Does that mean wireless video streaming from an iPod? From the press releases looks like perhaps not: there's only A2DP Bluetooth profiles, and there's mention of a Cat5 network cable connecting the base unit to another extender unit with the S-video socket. But that'd make it wired, right? Anyway, it's due out in Japan in January, with a $270 price tag putting it in the audiophile category. [AVWatch]


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