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Marvel announces The Avengers will look like total garbage in 3-D

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Marvel has announced that its crowning superhero film, The Avengers, will be available in 3-D as well as 2-D next May. But the exciting part is that they've invented time travel, so they can go back in time and give Joss Whedon 3-D cameras to shoot the whole thing in.

Oh, wait. No. Actually, they're just going to post-process the whole thing, resulting in — best case scenario — a bland-looking mess with some noticeable 3-D characteristics and higher ticket prices. This comes just a day or two after J.J. Abrams indicated he wants to do the same thing with his Star Trek sequel. But don't worry, said Abrams: they'll have enough time to do a great job, like with the last Harry Potter movie.


Why, Hollywood, why? Seriously. 3-D is an overused gimmick at the best of times, but at least it works slightly better if you shoot in 3-D. I used to think the hatred for 3-D was just overblown, but now I've been converted. Much the same way The Avengers will be.

There were only two movies this year that looked cool in 3-D: Drive Angry and Hugo. Everything else was a waste.


Thirdly, Disney/Marvel has scheduled an untitled Marvel superhero film for April 4, 2014. Start your speculations now! [Hollywood Reporter]