Pay no attention to the severed head of Ultron for a moment - this Ant-Man figure is already pretty great, but he’s made even better by coming with some spectacular micro-scaled accessories: an Ant, and even itty-bitty versions of Ant-Man and Yellowjacket to duke it out!

Although the wave is inspired by the upcoming release of Ant-Man, only Scott Lang’s Ant-Man actually comes from the movie. The rest of the characters — Wasp, Grim Reaper, Giant Man, Tiger Shark and Bulldozer — are all from the comics. They’re nice figures, especially Wasp with her giant wings, but Scott is easily the best thanks to his accessories.


It’s kind of a dumb thing to be excited about an even teenier version of the action figure you’re getting — and considering Marvel Legends Infinite around around 6” tall, these little bonuses are minuscule indeed — but it just makes wonderful sense for Ant-Man. I mean, that’s his thing. He gets tiny. I hope virtually every Ant-Man toy comes with an even smaller Ant-Man accessory just to continue the trend.

The Ant-Man wave of Marvel Legends Infinite toys is due for release later this month, for around $25 each. If you collect all six, you’ll also get the parts to build a deluxe figure of Ultron as he appears in Avengers: Age of Ultron. That explains the severed head from earlier!

[via The Fwoosh]

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