Taiwan's OCZ Technologies is reportedly just three weeks out from shipping its Colossus solid state drive range, which will come in 128GB to 1TB capacities. And courtesy of Engadget, we now have pricing.

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The Colossus 120 (128GB) and 250 (256GB) will cost $300 and $650, respectively. As a quick comparison, Intel's recently announced—and delayed—X-25M drives have channel prices of about $225 (80GB) and $440 (160GB).


At the upper end of town, the Colussus 500 (512GB) and 1TB (1024GB) will cost your first born $1200 and $2200.

First unveiled in prototype form at Computex 2009, the 3.5-inch (but too-big for laptops) Colussus drives have claimed read speeds of up to 250MB/s (write), and 220MB/s (read) over a SATA2 interface. [Gizmag and Engadget]

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