Meet Gizmodo's Latest Guest Artist: Shannon May

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Shannon May has already created illustrations for several Gizmodo posts, so we figure it's about time we formally introduced her to you: She's our current guest artist and she's rather amazing. Here's a little bit of info about her.


During my brief conversation with Shannon, I discovered that she seems to have quite a knack for combining things which at first glance don't appear to fit together. Her key passions—science, math, and art—are beautifully blended in whimsical diagrams and she even mixes mediums without difficulties:

As for gear and mediums, I use a mix of analog and digital processes. I draw shapes and textures by hand with brush and ink, pencil, and pen. I then scan and separate the shapes into layers in Photoshop and color them digitally. I have a MacBook, a Wacom Tablet, the Adobe CS4 Suite, two hands, and two eyes.

When asked about more general information about herself, Shannon shared that she "spent her childhood on the coast of southern Connecticut amongst ruins of the Revolutionary War and monk parakeets. She is fascinated by the promise and aesthetics of science and loves exploring, being uncomfortable, books, clouds, and geometry. Currently she spends her free time making objects, playing ukulele, listening to records, and entertaining her kitten, Momo."

So far Shannon has added her creative touch to these Gizmodo posts:

But if you want a more general idea about the sort of work she does, here's a selection of her other art:

If you want to learn more about Shannon or view more of her art, you can check out her personal site, peek into her Etsy store, or purchase one of her prints.



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