Meet The Three Directors Who May Take Edgar Wright's Place On Ant-Man

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We know that Guardians of the Galaxy's James Gunn isn't in danger of directing Marvel's superhero comedy Ant-Man, But now there are three names being bandied about: We're the Millers' Rawson Marshall Thurber, Zombieland's Ruben Fleischer, and Anchorman's Adam McKay.


Here's what The Hollywood Reporter has to say:

Sources say Rawson Marshall Thurber, Adam McKay and Ruben Fleischer are among a group of directors that are meeting with the studio to replace Edgar Wright, who abruptly exited the long-gestating project last week over creative differences.

The shortlisting of this trio offers a glimpse into the mind-set of Marvel president Kevin Feige as he looks to fill the hole left by Wright, a favorite among the fanboy community. Thurber (We're the Millers, Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story) and McKay (the Anchorman movies) are known for their bawdy comedies. Fleischer, whose credits include Zombieland and Gangster Squad, has moved deftly between genres with comedic elements. Wright, a Brit with a more quirky sensibility, clashed with Marvel over the tone of the film.

I don't think there's any way Marvel scores McKay; he's too busy, he has plenty of his own projects, he's not going to come cheap, and has no need to put himself through the hassle of dealing with Marvel's studio system. Meanwhile, We're the Millers was a surprise comedy hit last year (well, a surprise to me, since it looked pretty dire in the previews), but that means Thurber is very much in demand at the moment, and I don't know if Marvel is willing to spend the money to compete for his services.

That leaves Zombieland's Fleischer, whose last movie Gangster Squad was very much not a hit, and makes his fees... let's just say competitive. Honestly, I think he's make the best chocie of the three anyways. If he can mix comedy and horror, he can likely mix comedy and action, including superhero action, naturally. I think he's likely be best at striking the balance Marvel is looking for — while McKay and Thurber's Ant-Man movies would be pure comedies.

It's still a shame Edgar Wright still isn't on board, but it's nice to see they haven't stopped looking for talent.



Oh and before anyone tries to make the argument that because Wright left, Marvel is becoming too controlling over what directors do in their movies, I would just like to remind you that they allowed this

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