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Mid-Century Modern Furniture for Pets Is Awesome, Extravagant

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Pet furniture is typically tasteless and tacky: cheesy prints, strange shapes, unfortunate materials. And nothing ruins the aesthetic of a well-appointed powder room quite like a cheap plastic litter box—every one is an eyesore.

Chimère, a French company specializing in contemporary luxury pet furniture, proves the exception to the rule. The new 5-piece collection, designed by Bloom Room, elegantly combines mix of mid-century mod design with natural wood finishes, injecting a subtle element of style into what is usually anything but stylish.


Rocking bird-cage.


Danish-inspired hutch, with storage for food and grooming products.

A cat-litter box with an oak interior, to reduce odor!


Bell-jar fish bowl available in green, natural, and white—custom finishes available upon request.

[FastCoDesign - Images via BloomRoom]