Mike Mignola Wants You to Stay Inside (and Read Hellboy)

The answer better be “read some Hellboy.”
The answer better be “read some Hellboy.”
Image: Mike Mignola, Richard Corben, Mick McMahon, Fábio Moon, Gabriel Bá, and Dave Stewart (Dark Horse Comics)

I mean, what else is the creator of Hellboy going to want you to do?

Mike Mignola has been doing a lot during the novel coronavirus pandemic. He’s been keeping fans entertained, supporting initiatives for comics retailers unable to open their doors right now (and José Andres’ World Central Kitchen), and in general, helping people spend time indoors with cool sketches of things that are occasionally Hellboy, but also sometimes very Not Hellboy:


Extremely Haunted SpongeBob SquarePants is very cool, admittedly.

But on the Hellboy front, Mignola and Dark Horse Comics are celebrating the creator’s grand back catalog of all things big, red, and hellish this week with a series of recommendations about the Hellboy series you ought to try out if you’re itching for a book to read in an age where new comics themselves are few and far between. So why not start out with a special Hellboy tale that’s celebrating its 10th anniversary this year?

Image for article titled Mike Mignola Wants You to Stay Inside (and Read Hellboy)
Image: Mike Mignola (Dark Horse Comics)

Reuniting Mignola with The Crooked Man’s Richard Corben, alongside Mick McMahon, Fábio Moon, Gabriel Bá, and Dave Stewart, Hellboy in Mexico sees our hero traverse the titular nation to fight bat-gods and killer vampires in the mid-1950s, and do so alongside some new friends: a trio of luchadors who gave up their wrestling careers after a vision from the Virgin Mary beseeched them to use their fighting powers to instead...wrestle vampires.

“I have to admit to having never seen one of those Mexican wrestler films,” Mignola told io9 in a statement. “But I so LOVE the idea of them—I just couldn’t help but try to channel what I thought they must be and bring them to the Hellboy world.”


I’m sorry. Did you need a recommendation beyond that synopsis? Why are you not already reading this story!? Well, if you do need convincing a little more: whet your tastebuds with a little preview of Hellboy in Mexico’s opening pages, right here on io9:


Hellboy in Mexico is available as part of a trade paperback of the same name, bundled alongside a quartet of other stories that cover his “drunk weekend” in Mexico of fighting the supernatural—and is available digitally where all good comics are sold.


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Mike Mignola is a serious contender for “best lockdown Twitter.” His sketch of Godzilla in a tophat was delightful, while his rendition of Snap, Crackle, and Pop exuded an obscure sense of menace. I love how many of the characters in his sketches are saying their own names.

The auction prices for those sketches are beyond my reach, but I love seeing them and guessing (incorrectly, always) what he’ll do next.