Monster Hunter’s Director Prefers the Film’s World...Because of Its Giant, Lootable Corpses

Milla Jovovich finds the solution to every problem: Blowing it up.
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Who doesn’t love a good crafting sidequest? Well, apparently one of its biggest fans is Monster Hunter director Paul W. S. Anderson, who thinks it’s one of the reasons why a world filled with giant, killer monsters is better than the one we live in.


During a chat on Capcom’s Twitch channel (as reported by Syfy Wire), Anderson declared that the world of Monster Hunter—a popular video game that’s been adapted into a film starring Milla Jovovich as soldier-turned-monster slayer Artemis—is a universe superior to our own. Artemis and her crew may have been transported to a world where monsters are immune to guns and firepower, but there’s something to love about it. Surprisingly, it’s not chef cats. In short, he said it’s because in the world of Monster Hunter, you don’t waste your food.

“In many ways I think the Monster Hunter world is better than our world,” Anderson said. “The creatures are killed, yes, but then you use every part of the creatures. You eat them, you craft with them. So all of that, I think, is quite admirable as opposed to a world where we just throw so much away.”

We also got a new look today at the Artemis crossover mission in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, which sees Jovovich’s character on a special “movie quest” that ties into the upcoming film. The video game expansion for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is set to come out on December 4.

Monster Hunter the film arrives on December 25, the same day as Wonder Woman 1984. However, unlike that film—which will be released in theaters and on HBO Max—Monster Hunter is only coming to theaters with a “full theatrical window.” Given how the number of novel coronavirus cases and deaths are reaching an all-time high in the United States, it seems dangerously irresponsible to not provide audiences an option to watch the movie safely. No number of chef cats or crafting sidequests can fix that. This monster hunter-in-training is going to wait until it’s available to watch on streaming.

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Arcanum Five

Does this mean the movie will contain looting and crafting?

Because that could be hilarious and make me even more interested in watching the movie (as if Milla Jovavich wasn’t enough).

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