Moonbeam: 100mpg Homemade Car

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I hope the big car companies are paying attention. Using two mopeds, $2000 and a little ingenuity, good Samaritan Jory Squibb built a cozy 2 or "1.5" passenger car that can get 100mpg highway and 85mpg city. Sure, top speed is only about 50mph, but that's plenty fast for cruzin' the strip for babes...ecobabes. The moral of the story comes from Squibb himself:

"Isn't it sad that such a simple vehicle, which could be mass produced for $5000 or so, which awaits no fancy fuel cells nor high-tech breakthroughs, isn't available to the public?"

Well said. Hit the link for a complete how-to.

How to Build Moonbeam [via cnet]