More Apple Announcement Rumblings

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Yawn, another day, another over hyped groundbreaking Apple announcement that has all Mac fan boys weak in their knees. Today is no different; Apple will be unveiling it "latest pro innovations" later today in NYC.

Our cohorts over at Think Secret are reporting on the rumors of what this announcement will feature. There are unconfirmed reports that Apple stores have already received new Power Mac units. Along with the new line of Power Macs speculation is also aimed towards a new PowerBook and upgrades to the existing line. So we can possibly expect upgrades galore of the Power Macs and PowerBooks. This big Apple announcement is also coming on the eve of the PhotoPlus Expo, so we could think that there would be announcements regarding something photo related. Apple Photo Pro anyone? Time will only tell what Stevie McJobbles has up his sleeve today.


Apple pro announcements poised for release [Think Secret]

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