More iPod DJ Gear: MixPod

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Another pro DJ equipment company is presenting dumbed-down DJing with iPods, with the release of Phonic's new MixPod DJ mixer. The feature set, down to the video out connection and onboard controls, is nearly identical to the Numark
iDJ. And while the MixPod has none of the iDJ's visual beauty, it has all of the iDJ's problems: you can't scratch, you can't cue, and you're limited by all the restrictions of the iPod. Basically, you can't really DJ. We just have to wait for Creative Labs to copy this, and the circle will be complete. Now, will someone please go buy these DJ kids real turntables instead, or at leat get them to figure out how to use their laptops?


Phonics MixPod [Create Digital Music]

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